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The world is constantly changing, and keeping up with your family's safety can be an ever-growing task. That's why we wanted to recommend the easiest way to monitor your loved one's communications, from A to Z!

  • See texts

  • Monitor Calls

  • View Social media messages

  • Monitor Emails

  • Screen Recorder

  • GPS Locations

  • Photos & Videos

  • Browser History

  • Calendar

  • All done undetected remotely!

Works on All devices!

Get up and running no matter what devices you and your family have

See what they’re up to without being detected

Keep yourself invisible while you see their activity

See their private stuff

Texts, social media chats, pics — whatever they’re doing, you’ll know

Prepare for a ton of powerful technology now at your fingertips

View and Control

The apps they're using

See and control what websites they can visit, what apps they use and for how long.

  • View all Messages

  • Monitor Calls and See Logs

  • Block Apps

  • Control and monitor web browsing

Always Know Where They Are,

And Where They're Going

See where they are and where they’ve been. We mean their exact location on a map using GPS location tracking and advanced WiFi networks analysis.

  • See Their GPS Locations

  • View the Wi-Fi Network they connect to

  • Use Magic Alerts to stay in the know

  • Use Geo Fencing for danger zone alerts

It’s time for a phone monitoring app that actually works

Technology has an important role to play in keeping your loved ones safe. So why are so many parental control apps so outdated? What was good 10 years ago just doesn’t cut it today. That’s why we exist.

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